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Get top-quality legal services for students and their families from our Denver, Colorado education and juvenile criminal defense attorneys. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Louise Bouzari, LLC specialize in representing students in disputes with school districts and colleges/universities, and also help juveniles who have been arrested in criminal cases. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


About Us

With more than 16 years of experience, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Louise Bouzari specialize in working with families whose children need help. Our talented team of experts fights for the rights of special education students and children arrested in juvenile criminal cases. We can also counsel parents on the most effective ways to advocate for their children. Other services include negotiating with school districts to achieve settlement of parents’ claims, attending IEP meetings, participating in private and CDE/Office of Administrative Courts mediations, and filing due process complaints. We also handle suspension and expulsion cases, as well as tort cases when school districts or colleges/universities have violated the civil rights of students, as in restraint/seclusion cases and disability cases under the ADA and Section 504.

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